Office Interiors Design / Turnkey Execution

We provide a wide range of services

Modular Partition

Our highly functional partitions serve as effective office partition walls methods –

  • Glass/Gypsum Partition
  • Solid wall Partition
  • Aluminum

Office False Ceiling Design

We’ll explain what’s the modern POP office false ceiling design that will inspire you to opt for this decorative choice in your online interior design furniture.

Office False Flooring

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly tenant improvements, or to express your company’s unique style through custom flooring design, Western Office Solutions office false flooring dealers can help you achieve your goals.

  • Wooden
  • Vinyl
  • Vitrified Tiles

Office Interiors Decoration

Whether you’re setting up a new office or trying to breathe life into an existing one, here are many things to consider when decorating your office interiors.


Ducts are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to deliver and remove air.

Electrical / Networking

The Networking and Electrical area focuses on the design and performance evaluation of communication systems and data networks.

Office Interior Design Furniture for Contemporary Office Look

A modern and contemporary designed office has its significance in creating a good working environment and to leave a remarkable impression on visitors. We at Western Office Solutions transform an ordinary place into most beautiful and amazing office interiors and modern office design with the help of professional and certified office interior designers in Gurgaon and surrounding areas. Office interior design and turnkey execution are provided for a wide range of services to transform your office into the most contemporary and innovative one.

Office interior design and turnkey execution are provided for a wide range of services to transform your office into the most contemporary and innovative one.

The new range of latest and stylish online interior design furniture in Gurgaon is designed in various ways and to cover:

  • Modular Partition walls of glass/gypsum, solid wall and aluminum
  • Office False Ceiling design to inspire you to opt for amazing decorative choice in your interior design furniture
  • Office False Flooring of wooden, vinyl and vitrified tiles
  • Office interiors decoration
  • AC/Ducting and electrical & networking

We are transforming your office space into contemporary one and to provide the touch of world’s best modern office spaces with elegant interior.

Western Office Solutions is a well-established and reliable modular office furniture manufacturer bringing you a variety of furniture to make office interiors innovative and unique.

We with the help of office interior designers in Gurgaon focus on quality and uniqueness; while budget is all that always draw the same attention. If you have any specific requirement, please disclose them as our interior designing and professionals who have expertise in designing a variety of unique furniture pieces for a modern office.

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